Europe Warehouse

In 2017, Hitoplux uBay series LED Highbay Lights were installed from 10m height and make the warehouse very bright.

Comments from our clients:

The UFO high bay lights are amazing. They look very well made and durable. Light output is super bright and clear. Unbelievable how bright they get. This is a great light for replacing 400 watt Metal Halide HID High Bay luminaires. 


In 2017, Hitoplux 100W fBay series LED highbay lights were installed from 6m ceiling heights to lightened the Gym.

Comments from our clients: 

We are very satisfied with the samples, and we have decided to add your highbay to our catalog.

Australia Warehouse

In 2016, Hitoplux 150W uBay series LED highbay lights were suspended from 11m ceiling heights to replace 400W metal halide high bay lighting.

Comments from our clients:

We really like this fixture and its light output is very good.

USA Beverage Processing Line

Totally 120pcs 150w oBay series LED Lights are lighted up the beverage processing line, hosed down frequently.

 Comments from our clients: 

The luminaires demanding in food plants must be specifically designed to not only withstand the rigors of frequent washing and cleaning but also to maintain structural integrity and water resistance between the luminaire and the ceiling, Awesome, Hitoplux can make it.

Europe Food Processing Plant

Hitoplux oBay series Food LED Lights were installed from 6m ceiling heights and make the plant with uniform lighting environment.

Comments from our clients:

 Excellent fixture! Workers here feel comfortable, they can pick up bad stuff during the processing and inspection of food products and can discern detail without the hindrances represented by shadows and glare.

100W LED Shoebox

Having your parking lot properly illuminated is key to providing an increased level of security and safety in the areas surrounding your business. Not only will proper lighting give your customers or clients a safer access to your business, but it is also more likely to protect you, as a business owner, from any sort of legal action in the event that something unfortunate in the form of crime or personal injury may happen.

Comments from our clients

I have recently thought a lot about how much it costs to illuminate these spaces and how much energy could be saved with updated lighting systems.Hitoplux 100W LED Shoebox is a excellent plan and attract more consumers for me."

USA Shopping Mall

In 2015, Totally 582pcs 180w and 200w hBay series LED Highbay Lights were pipe installed in New Jersey.

Comments from our clients:

I'm an experience electrician and I install a lot of lighting. From high bay lights to parking lot and security lighting in both home and commercial jobs. Hitoplux highbays is with high quality and very easy to install. I will be using many more of these in the future. Highly recommend.